HRSEM (including cryo)- Gemini 300, Zeiss

Gemini 300 field emission scanning electron microscope works both at high vacuum mode and several low vacuum levels. The variable pressure imaging option guarantees maximum versatility enabling in-lens detection in variable pressure (VP) mode. It allows imaging under wide range of accelerating voltages from 0.02 to 30 kV.

It is equipped with the following detectors: the Everhart-Thornley SE detector that collects SE2 electrons and provide topographical information; the high efficiency in-lens detector collects SE1 electrons and provide high resolution surface information; the EsB detector (Energy selective Backscattered) integrated in the Gemini objective lens that collects BS electrons at low voltages and provides low-loss BSE information; the BSD detector (Angular Selective Backscattered) that provides channeling, crystallographic and strain contrasts in addition to compositional or topography information; the VPSE detector (Variable Pressure Secondary Electrons) allowing imaging at low vacuum and the STEM detector collects transmitted electrons of thin samples at several modes (dark field (DF), oriented dark field (ODF), annular dark field (ADF) and high angle annular dark field (HAADF).
The SEM is also equipped with an EDS detector (Bruker XFlash 6, 60mm) and a cryo stage (Leica) for cryo-imaging of soft-materials including biological samples.

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